Longterm Care & Fair Deal

An individual contemplating Nursing Home placement may opt to apply for funding under the Fair Deal scheme.

To proceed with their application, a health care professional must complete the Common Summary Assessment Report (CSAR). This serves to summarise the medical justification for Nursing Home funding. The client must also complete a financial assessment. Both of these documents are considered by the Local Placement Forum.

The Local Placement Forum decides the eligibility of the client for Nursing Home funding under the Fair Deal scheme. The entire process from submission to final availability of funding takes approximately 6 weeks at present.

The practice in Waterford previously necessitated all applicants to be assessed by a consultant geriatrician. The waiting period for this assessment however was often measured in months. This was judged to introduce unacceptable delay into the process of Nursing Home placement.

The current practice therefore is for the LPF to accept CSARs directly from the client's PHN & GP. If the clinical detail is sufficient and the LPF is satisfied that reversibility has been addressed, they will proceed to a decision without geriatric medical input. If not satisfied that reversibility has been addressed OR if the need for Nursing Home care is contested by the patient or other family members, the LPF have access to expedited specialist review at the Age-Related Care Unit.

Therefore, all CSARs should be sent directly to:

Ms. Caitriona Haberlin,

Local Placement Forum,

Waterford Community Services,
Cork Road,