It is well accepted that older adults are the group most at risk in the impending COVID crisis. They are at increased risk of deterioration due to COVID infection but will also continue to deteriorate due to chronic disease. 


Attached is the algorithm that describes the WICOP response to NON-COVID deteriorations in older adults.


We will accept referrals for patients discharged from ED (via CNM or FITT team) & patients in the community (via GP, PHN and Residential Home manager). In addition, we will accept referrals from a family member if the patient is known to our service.


Assessments will largely be delivered remotely with a very small number of patients being required to attend for face-to-face contact.


It should be noted that the response team is composed of senior therapists and nursing professionals. The team will not formally include a medic (it is expected that medical availability will be unpredictable during this crisis). The team will deliver a modified Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) and will case manage patients who are deteriorating due to NON-COVID disease.

WICOP NON COVID response team : 051-848109