Referrals to specialist geriatric services

General advice regarding referrals to specialist geriatric services

The Department of Medicine for the Elderly accepts referrals for a number of services including falls, frailty, movement disorders, memory problems and rehabilitation. Respite & convalescence services are managed via the nursing directors of the relevant intermediate care hospital.

Public referrals to the department are pooled for triage and distributed evenly among the consultant staff.


Private referrals are directed to the consultant specified on your referral letter.

The Triage process decides the waiting time for your patient. "Routine" appointments can take up to 6 months. "Cancellation" appointments in contrast will be generally seen within a fortnight. Your patient is more likely to receive an urgent appointment if you provide supporting detail as follows;

  • Relevant demographics including contact details

  • Contact details of next of kin - please specify if they should receive a copy of the appointment letter

  • Precise nature of problem(s) with clinical question

  • Current list of medications

  • Detailed past medical history

  • Services already involved (Primary care physiotherapy, community occupational therapy etc.)

  • Key support(s) at home (Who is the carer keeping the show on the road?)

  • Risky behaviour (wandering, aggression etc.)

  • Your own perception of the urgency of the assessment

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